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Jeff Teeter Head Shot


Director, Wealth Solutions - Skyline Wealth Management Inc.

As a Director of Wealth Solutions, Jeff is responsible for the management of investment accounts for more than 800 individual retail investors, totaling more than $600M in investor equity. As the first point of contact for new investors with Skyline Wealth Management, he determines each client’s knowledge level, experience, and suitability, providing access to a host of alternative investment products and services, and working directly with the client to choose a customize portfolio solution that suits their specific investment goals.

Jeff began his role at Skyline in 2010. Having completed his first stock trade at the age of 16, his interest in real estate began in the late 1990s, when he purchased and managed his first student rental house. His experience resulted in an appreciation for the REIT investment model and an interest in working with Skyline’s investment offerings.

Jeff strives to provide an investment experience for his clients that differs from the norm in today’s investment advisory industry: one that is personable, transparent, customized, and accessible. By providing unique solutions for investors according to their specific needs, and ensuring the very best client care, he plays a key role in growing the Skyline Wealth Management business.

Jeff is Life Licensed, and has a BASc Hons. from the University of Guelph.