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Michael Richard

Michael Richard

Regional Director, Skyline Living

As one of Skyline Living’s Regional Directors, Michael oversees several regional Property Managers and on-site field staff in cities across Ontario. In his role, Michael strives to create a team of hard-working individuals focused on maximizing profitability while providing an exceptional customer service experience.

Michael has been working in the real estate industry since the early 2000s, joining Skyline Living in 2013 as a Property Manager and has worked his way up the ranks to Regional Director for the Mid-Central Ontario region in 2018.

Michael is a strong believer that customer service and good communication are key components to building a successful team. His staff training emphasizes the importance of good customer service and this hands-on approach has been pivotal in the growth and success of his region. Michael recognizes that it is more effective to work as a team to accomplish goals together.