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Cornwall, Ontario is Ontario’s easternmost city, located on the Saint Lawrence River, with a population of approximately 48,000 people.  Cornwall is just 100 kms from Ottawa and 120 kms from Montreal, Quebec, and as such is home to a large bilingual and Francophone population. The main industries in Cornwall are logistics distribution and call centres, largely due to their convenient location on Highway 401 and bilingualism.

Cornwall has a reputation for being one of the most integrated towns in Ontario, and reportedly newcomers to Canada are very well-treated here. Cornwall is home to a number of festivals including Canada Day festivities and Ribfest.

Cornwall’s southern border on the St. Lawrence is lined with beautiful parks. The core of the city is mainly residential, with schools and stores throughout. Thanks to Cornwall’s local transit system and an easy grid of major roads, wherever you choose to live will be close to schools, parks, and major amenities.