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1. If a tenant has lost their income and is wondering how to pay rent, what could they do?
If a tenant is experiencing any difficulty paying rent, they should first speak with their Resident Manager. We want to work with our tenants to maintain and preserve our relationship. They can also use the following links to avail of some government services.
a. Employment Insurance (EI) – The one week waiting period is being waived for those confirmed with COVID-19 and unable to work. Applicants will be required to meet the medical evidence requirements and complete an application with your provincial EI agency, before being considered eligible for sick benefits.
b. Emergency Care Benefit – This benefit will provide money every two weeks for workers who are staying home because they are sick, quarantined, in isolation, or caring for someone who is sick.
c. Emergency Support Benefit – This benefit will help Canadians who lose their job and are not eligible for Employment Insurance, including those that are self-employed. More information is available by clicking the link below.
d. To apply for government assistance, visit:
e. https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/corporate/notices/coronavirus.html

2. Would Skyline allow an early termination of a lease? If so, what would that cost?
Every province has different requirements. If needs have changed, they are encouraged to discuss their options with their Resident Manager.

3. Does the COVID19 crisis change any rights or obligations as a tenant?
The rights and obligations as a tenant remain the same. At Skyline we like to work with our tenants as and when their situations and needs change. Tenants are encouraged to discuss these with their Resident Manager to work together on solutions.

4. If a tenant is sick and needs help with groceries/food, how can Skyline help?
While Skyline is doing their best to put their tenants first, helping with errands like this will be dependent on many factors such as availability and health of the staff.

5. If a senior in a building needs help, what can Skyline do?
They can let their Resident Manager know what they need, and they will try their best to find the resource they need.

6. When will the hand sanitizer be available at my building?
While our vendor had given us a timely delivery date, our bulk order was held up at the US/Canada border and is being scrutinized. We will be updating our tenants as soon as they become available. Please click on the link below to check on updates.

7. How can Skyline enforce social distancing so everyone in the building is safe?
There is no way Skyline can enforce social distancing, but fortunately, most of our tenants are respecting these guidelines. If you have concerns or questions about this, please speak with your Resident Manager who can remind our tenants of the importance of social distancing.

8. When will the social room/gym be open?
When it is considered safe to do so, we will reopen all our social rooms and gyms.

9. Why is it that the laundry room is open, but the social room and gym isn’t?
The ability to wash clothing is considered an essential service to our tenants. We expect our tenants to practice social distancing in this room while it is left open.

10. What happens if a tenant has a maintenance emergency?
If a tenant has a maintenance emergency, they need to contact their Resident Manager right away and they will arrange for the repair to be completed.

11. Must a tenant be present in their apartment for a maintenance worker to fix an issue?
No, the tenant is not required to be present when maintenance is being done at their apartment. However, a tenant must provide permission for the work to be completed.

12. What is the building policy to have guests during this time?
We ask all our tenants to limit the number of guests they invite into the building and limit it to essential guests only, such as someone delivering food or necessities.

13. What measures is Skyline taking as a landlord to protect the tenants during this time?
Skyline has increased the frequency and level of cleaning options, closed off non-essential amenities and the Resident Manager’s office to reduce unnecessary social contact with our staff and residents. However, they can always be reached by email or phone.