Skyline Living Refugee Assistance Program

When conflicts arise around the world, the human cost is often displacement and a loss of essential needs like safety, shelter, and freedom of movement. Refugees are forced to leave their home countries and all of the familiar and comforting elements like their homes, friends, family, and shared culture and history in pursuit of safety and sanctuary.  



As multi-residential rental apartment providers, Skyline Living is uniquely positioned to support resettlement efforts and partner with local community agencies and programs to help refugees find safe, affordable, comfortable, and housing.  



Welcoming those displaced by conflict and persecution and aiding in their integration in Canadian society is an
honour and a privilege that we take seriously.

We are proud to build strong communities where our tenants and staff love to live. Reflecting Canada’s ever-changing population, our tenant communities are strengthened through their diversity where multiple perspectives and lived experiences co-exist harmoniously and each tenant has a unique and valued story to share. Welcoming those displaced by conflict and persecution and aiding in their integration in Canadian society is an honour and a privilege that we take seriously. 

How Does the Skyline Living Refugee Assistance Program Work?

While we have assisted refugee resettlement efforts informally over the years, the Skyline Living Refugee Assistance Program has been formalized and strengthened in collaboration with community partners to ensure that our rental processes don’t present obstacles for those facing an immediate crisis of housing.  

Simplified Application Process

  1. Open to all new refugee applicants with official travel documents.  

  2. Rental apartments offered on a first come, first served basis, as they are available, to qualifying applicants.

  3. No landlord employment or credit checks required.

  4. No contract deposits required.

  5. Program also includes potential opportunities for employment at Skyline and further settlement supports according to the needs of each applicant. 

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”It’s never been just about the bricks and mortar for us. Skyline Living has always been about people. With rental apartment properties in almost 60 communities and seven provinces across Canada, we have always been proud to be a rental housing provider of choice.

Being able to extend our welcoming communities to those experiencing displacement and effect a positive change in a global context is a natural extension of our mission to treat our valued tenants like family and provide an exceptional rental experience.”  BJ Santavy, Vice President, Skyline Living 




The Skyline Living Refugee Assistance Program was created through the expansion of, and learnings from, our award-winning
R.I.S.E. tenant assistance program. Understanding that challenging life events can occur to anyone at any time, we originally developed the R.I.S.E. program in 2020 to influence positive change in the housing industry.  

The program provides support, access to community resources, and/or financial assistance, when a valued tenant is struggling with hardship. R.I.S.E. proves what we’ve believed all along: that rental housing providers and tenants want the same thing -- safe, secure, and long-term housing for all.

Thank you! 

This program would not be possible without the support and commitment from our trusted community partners and vendors. 


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The Skyline Living Refugee Assistance Program is currently helping several refugee families relocating to Canada to escape the volatile situation in their homeland by providing affordable rental apartments. They will be setting down roots in several Skyline Living properties and supported as they integrate into the community and get settled in.

Are you, or do you know of, a refugee family in need of assistance in finding housing?

Fill out the inquiry form below for more information about the Skyline Living Refugee Assistance Program.

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To inquire about the Refugee Assistance Program for yourself or on behalf of some else, please fill out the following form and our team will contact you.  

If you require assistance with your application, please email

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Please note that while every effort is made to accommodate preferences, housing options are subject to availability and acceptance in the Skyline Living Refugee Assistance Program. We do not own or manage any apartments in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area.

The information you provide will remain confidential. It will not be shared publicly and will be used for the sole purpose of assessing applications to the Skyline Living Refugee Assistance Program. Please note that inquiring about the Skyline Living Refugee Assistance Program does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Accessing this program will not be used in future tenancy decisions. 


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