Grow Your Green Thumb: Plant Rehab 101

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In this webinar Jessica Haddock will be taking us through a journey of how to grow plants indoors. She will be going over the basics of where to get quality houseplants, and what to do with new houseplants once you’ve brought them home; Things like quarantining new plants for 2-3 day so that there are no pests/other plant issues, leaf drop due to stress, and allowing plants time to acclimate to their new home. She will be discussing the pros & cons of keeping your plant in a grower pot and then transferring it into a decorative pot, OR planting it directly into decorative pots.

There will be step by step directions on these helpful tips:

  • How to use a pot that doesn’t have a drainage hole in the bottom.
  • How to winterize your house plants, placing them in ‘puddles,’ misting, humidifiers, grow lights, etc.
  • Talk about best watering practices such as; letting water sit in a watering can for 1-2 days to allow things like chlorine to evaporate, watering schedule VS the ‘finger method’, and Butt Chugging - I swear, this is a real watering method! LOL
  • The various kinds of lighting, and what plants will thrive in each spot.

***If you would like to follow along and get some dirt under your nails a materials list will be sent in the confirmation email