How To: Keep Indoor Plants Happy Outdoors

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ThursdayMay 6th2021, at 7:00 PM EST  

As the weather warms up, and the measures lockdown… Jessica Freemen will help you prepare your houseplants for the haul outside! She will be sharing tips & tricks to keep your plants happy as they acclimate to their new balcony view, as well as identifying and keeping your plants pest free while they’re out there. She will also be talking about the wonderful ‘living art’ that plants are, and how to use them to turn your balcony into the perfect outdoor jungle oasis. 

Participants might want to have some plants ready that currently live indoors, to prepare for the move outdoors. Bring along a notepad for note taking and balcony-imagining, as well as some Cinnamon, a spray bottle or mister. Whatever it is you have on hand will be all you needThis seminar will be great for the most knowledgeable plant enthusiastdown to the little one you have at home who wants to learn and get a little dirty!