Orbax & Pepper Do Science

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Laugh along in this entertaining, enlightening, and exciting real-life science show with Experi-mentors, Orbax and his long-suffering lab assistant, Sweet Pepper Klopek.

Orbax and Pepper guide Junior Scientists through a science-tastic adventure featuring live experiments, science videos, audience participation, and some ‘try-this-at-home’ science that you can do in your own living room!

They’re also available to answer your science questions so get ready for answers from a real-life Scientist and a University Physics Instructor!

If you want to participate you will need:

  • Experiment #1: a few corks, Styrofoam balls, toothpicks, a drinking glass, and a couple of forks.
  • Experiment #2: a few lemons, some pennies (or pieces of copper), some galvanized nails (or pieces of zinc), at least two alligator clips or wires, and an LED bulb.

The show is aimed at ages 8-13, but we strongly encourage you to watch, participate, and enjoy as a family.