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Environmental Stewardship

Skyline is Green

When it comes to environmental stewardship, we’re leading the pack. We know that “going green” is a win-win decision across all aspects of the company: it benefits our stakeholders, our residential and commercial tenants, and our investors— not to mention the planet.

We meet frequently with community leaders in order to raise standards to a new level.

These leaders include:

  • Hydro Companies
  • Universities
  • The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)
  • The Ontario Power Authority (OPA)
  • Ontario MPs, mayors, and other governing bodies

As green technology improves, we will continually improve our environmental practices.

In our ongoing efforts to go green, we have...

Launched a new green energy solutions provider that is making waves across the sustainable energy industry

Saved enough gas to take 37,500 cars off of the road

Launched a massive, cross-Canada lighting retrofit replacing 330,000 bulbs with high-efficiency LEDs, saving enough energy to power 913 homes annually

Completed TWO award-winning major building restorations

Installed a living green roof on our head office  

Replaced 26,000 windows

Installed 30,000 heat reflectors panels

Heat reflector panels are placed behind the radiator, and the aluminized surface reflects 93% of the infra-red heat that is normally absorbed by the wall, so that the heat is distributed back into the room.

Saved enough water to fill 33,100 swimming pools annually

Replaced 7,800+ showerheads

Educated University Classes on Real Estate Sustainability and gave away 3 scholarships including a Sustainability Scholarship

Celebrated Earth Day in dozens of Skyline communities

Installed 20 state-of-the-art Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems

Installed 81 solar rooftop systems at Skyline properties and on Anvil Crawler solar barns

Made 47 Canadian communities greener

Photo of the Anvil Crawler

Anvil Crawler Development Corp - Skyline's partner in providing green & sustainable power solutions

Launched in 2015, Anvil Crawler is changing the way people think about energy. We at Skyline have partnered with Anvil Crawler to help electricity consumers plug in to clean, green, and sustainable power. With their expertise in construction and renewable energy, the electrical industry, and real estate management, Anvil Crawler’s founding partners have developed an impressive range of products including the Anvil Power House (a completely portable and scalable off-grid energy facility), grid-tied solar technology, and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems. With customers ranging from single-property owners to construction firms, Anvil Crawler is making waves across Canada’s green energy industry.

Find out more about how we’re helping the world harness alternative power solutions.

Illumination Project Start Something Green

Skyline's Illumination Project - Making it easier for our residents to go green

Throughout 2017, Skyline is replacing more than 330,000 incandescent and CFL light bulbs in its residential buildings across Canada with high-efficiency LED bulbs. This $2 million undertaking, which we’ve called the Illumination Project, will result in energy savings of more than 10 million kWh every year (equivalent to powering about 913 single-family homes annually). We are also replacing all bulbs in our approximately 3,000 sub-metered apartment units, allowing these families to see their hydro bills reduced each month at no cost. Through our Illumination Project, we’re making it easier for our residents to go green, and we’re encouraging other apartment owners to follow suit!

Find out more about Skyline’s massive switch to energy-efficient LED lighting.

Combined Heat and Power System

Combined Heat & Power - a greener way to create self-sustaining buildings

Combined Heat & Power Systems (CHP), also called Co-Generation (Co-Gen), supply hydro power to buildings through very efficient natural gas generators. Unlike traditional generators, CHP systems make use of the by-product of hot water to heat the building, drastically eliminating wasted energy from the process. We at Skyline have installed several of these systems at our residential buildings, and we are seeing promising results. For example, one system at a Skyline community in St. Catharines, ON will generate almost 500,000 kWh annually – equivalent to powering more than 40 single-family houses per year! We have made an application to the Ontario Power Authority to complete Detailed Engineering Studies for more than 200 additional Skyline properties.

Read more about Combined Heat & Power in a Canadian Apartment Magazine article featuring Skyline’s CSO.

Photo of Skyline founders on the Green Roof

Green Roof Project - in partnership with the University of Guelph

We’ve installed a living (green) roof on our Head Office in downtown Guelph, in partnership with a trial project by the University of Guelph. The roof is an active test facility for the University, and comes complete with an irrigation system and a smart wire sensor network which monitors, reports and measures benefits. We’re looking forward to exploring opportunities to install more green roofs on our residential properties.

Read more about our green roof in the Guelph Mercury.