Skyline Living Resident Referral Program

Love where you live and telling everyone all about it? With our Skyline Living Resident Referral Program, you could be rewarded for that!

It’s easy to participate:


Simply let your friends and family know what you enjoy about living in a Skyline Living community.


Have the person you’re referring submit a rental application including your name or you can submit the referral form below.


Wait for the application to get approved.


Welcome your referral when they move in.


Receive a cheque!

The best part? This isn’t a one-time thing.

Provide as many referrals as you like. The Resident Referral Program is just one more way that we say “thank you” for expanding the Skyline Living family and making our community so great!

Still have questions? For more information about the Resident Referral Program please contact your Resident Manager.

To refer a prospective tenant to a Skyline Living building, please fill in this form.

Please provide the phone number or email of the person you're referring

*Resident Referral Program only rewards current Skyline Living tenants for referrals.