Residents’ FAQ

Now that you’re settled in and have everything just where you want it, you may have a few more questions about living in a Skyline Living community.

Don’t forget that you can always check your Tenant Handbook or speak directly to your on-site staff. That’s what they’re there for. But if you have a quick question and want a quick answer, try out this handy FAQ.


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Customer Service

How do I get hold of Customer Service? 

You can complete the form on our website, or you can call or email our Customer Service team directly.

Moving In/Out

How do I move in or out? 

Please contact your Resident Manager to book your move in or out. You will also need to contact your Resident Manager to inform them of any changes to your lease including termination. 

When Moving in or out: 

Do not drag any furniture, boxes and so forth on hallway carpets/flooring. Please do not to stack or lean items that may scratch walls, doors, and or corners. Once you have a load to take up to your suite please ensure you close the exterior doors each time. 


If you have paid for a parking space, make sure you have displayed your Skyline parking pass on the windshield. Be a good parking-space neighbour: always park in your designated parking space and keep within the lines.  

Someone is parked in my spot. What do I do? 

If someone is parked in your designated parking spot, please report this to your Resident Manager or on-site staff. 

My visitors can't find a parking spot, where can they park?

Please let your visitors know to only park in marked visitor parking. If no visitor parking is available, they must find parking off the property. Visitors are to follow the specific road by-laws at any given destination and any visitor staying longer than 3 days should register with the Resident Manager. For specific requirements on visitor parking, please speak with your Resident Manager.

Amenity Building and Common Areas

Please contact your Resident Manager to book building amenities and common areas. 


How many inspections will there be? 

Your Resident Manager will complete two inspections per year to ensure that your fire and carbon monoxide alarms are functioning properly and installed correctly. You will be provided notice well ahead of time when the inspections will occur. 

Is anything else inspected during the bi-annual inspections?

Yes! We also do a quick inspection to ensure everything in your apartment is working correctly and not damaged. For example, plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom, balconies, walls and ceilings, etc. If anything needs to be fixed, we will take note and schedule these repairs with you. 


Your rent payment is due on the first of every month. We reward you for keeping your account in good standing by holding a monthly draw to receive a $100 rent discount the following month. It's just one more way we like to say “thank you” to our wonderful residents by recognizing prompt payment of rent. For more information, please click here

If you've encountered some challenges and need some extra support, please read about our R.I.S.E. program.


How do I submit a maintenance call? 

Please reach out directly to your Resident Manager or the Customer Service Team. Please note our Customer Service Team works Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm ET. 

Skyline Living Building Policies

Policies will vary by community. Please refer to your lease and your Tenant Handbook for more information.  

Tenant Responsibilities


Housekeeping is essential for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment. Maintain your apartment’s cleanliness to avoid and prevent issues such as vermin and hoarding. For your own safety and that of other residents in the building, please avoid the excessive accumulation of belongings as well. 

  • Always put away food and wipe up food debris. 
  • Do not allow grease to build up in kitchens. Use a sponge and soapy water regularly on countertops, stovetops, and hood filters. 
  • Avoid cooking with very high heat. This will create more grease build-up and cause damage to appliances. It can also be dangerous. 
  • Avoid mildew by venting rooms and bathrooms properly, particularly after baths and showers. 
  • Clean bathroom tile or other surfaces regularly to prevent the buildup of grime. 
  • Clean toilets regularly to avoid the buildup of grime, rings, and mildew.  
  • Mop linoleum to avoid dust bunnies and the buildup of grime. 
  • Do not use wax on linoleum or tile. 
  • Use hot water and a mild household cleaner on the tile. 
  • Vacuum all flooring regularly, particularly carpets. This will save in carpet cleaning bills. 
  • Regularly pick up debris. 


It is not always necessary to purchase expensive cleaning products.  Vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, and salt are some inexpensive cleaning products with many uses. They are also helpful for people who have allergies to cleaning products. They can be better for the environment than commercial products. 

  • Air freshener: 
    Place a bowl of vinegar in the kitchen or bathroom to absorb odours. 
  • Drains: 
    For a great once-a-month drain cleaner, pour 1/2 cup baking soda into the drain, follow with 1/2 cup white vinegar - it will foam. Cover and let sit 30-minutes and then flush with cool water. For stubborn, slow-running drains, pour 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup salt down the drain. Follow this with 2 quarts of boiling water. Let sit 30-minutes, and then flush with cool water. 
  • Dishwasher: 
    Empty the dishwasher, pour a ¼ cup of vinegar into an empty bowl, place it inside and run the dishwasher again. Even if you prefer not to use the dishwasher, run it at least once a week to keep seals from becoming hard and cracked. 
  • Refrigerators: 
    Clean regularly and place 1 cup of baking soda in a bowl on a shelf to absorb odours. 
    A cup of dry, unused coffee grinds can also absorb odours when placed on a refrigerator shelf. 
  • Washing machine: 
    A half-cup of baking soda can be added to the washing machine with regular detergent to help with mild odours. 
  • Toilets: 
    Remove waterline marks in the toilet bowl by pouring in 2 cups of white vinegar. Let soak overnight, then flush to rinse. If this does not work, rub the waterline mark with a wet pumice stone. 
On-site Staff

You have staff that live on-site in your community so we can provide the best level of service for emergencies. Please be respectful of your on-site team's private living space. Do not go to their apartment to lodge complaints. Please contact Customer service or call your Resident Manager, or visit the office during normal business house. 

Challenges with Neighbours

How do I lodge a formal complaint against another tenant I am having issues with? 

Contact your on-site representative via phone or email to submit this complaint. Your on-site representative may ask you to complete an incident report about the issues you are having. 

My neighbour is subletting their apartment, what do I do? 

Contact your on-site representative via phone or email during business hours. If it is after hours, ensure to document the information you have and see your on-site representatives during business hours to submit a report. 

My neighbour is doing something illegal in their apartment. What can I do?

Contact your on-site representative via phone or email while you suspect the illegal activity is occurring during business hours. If it is after hours, ensure to document the date and time of the incident and see your on-site representatives during business hours to complete an incident report. If you feel unsafe in any manner, please contact the local authorities. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought plenty of new challenges and inspiring moments of community strength. At Skyline Living, ensuring the continued health and safety of you, our valued tenants, dedicated staff, trusted business partners, and prospective tenants, is our highest priority. On a personal note, I am so grateful for the kindness and support for our neighbours and staff that we see expressed in our buildings over and over again.

Nevertheless, as the COVID-19 situation is still changing day today, and our understanding of the modes of infection and potential for immunity are still emerging, all Skyline Living properties will continue to comply with government restrictions and emergency legislation. To help you navigate this often confusing and complicated global situation, we will continue to share the most up to date information from trusted Government and Health agency sources and encourage you to check this page frequently.

Through all of this, we remain focused on what is most important – our communities’ health – and we look forward to the day when all of the restrictions are lifted, and we can all get back to life as usual.

Please view our COVID-19 page for more details and information. 


Can I smoke in my apartment?

As of September 1, 2019, we are proud to report that all Skyline Living properties in Ontario are now “smoke-free”. While there are still some outstanding leases that have been grandfathered in or tenants that reserve the right to smoke under AODA accommodations, Skyline Living is only offering smoke-free leases to new tenants. This program was undertaken as a collaborative effort wherein the company worked with long-time residents to find meaningful solutions and support to preserve their continued tenancy. Understanding that all tenants may not be able to go completely smoke-free, we have designated smoking areas at all buildings and have implement heightened cleaning and maintenance protocols to ensure the comfort of all of our tenants.

Skyline Living has worked diligently to continue this program and ensure that our newly acquired properties throughout the rest of Canada are also only offering new smoke-free leases. 

For existing tenants that want to quit smoking, Skyline Living has partnered with Public Health offices in communities across Ontario. Information sessions will be held to educate tenants on the benefits of going smoke-free, and to provide them access to the proven tools needed to aid them in their journey.

My neighbour is smoking. How do I deal with this? 

Contact your on-site representative via phone or email while smoking is occurring during business hours. If it is after hours, ensure to document the date and time of the incident and see your on-site representatives during business hours to complete an incident report.


Be considerate of the noise level inside your apartment 

This is one of the most common complaints reported.  More noise etiquette is needed if you live above another person. Soft footwear makes less noise than heavy boots or high heels.  If a neighbour requests that you keep the noise level down, try to accommodate or discuss a solution. Contact your Resident Manager for any noise complaints. 
Try to vacuum or use laundry machines on the weekends or when you know people are at work. Noise and vibrations can go through the floorboards and can be an annoyance. Do not operate laundry after 9:00 pm or before 8:00 am. 
Turn the volume and all base levels down on electronics, such as radios and televisions. You may want to move them away from walls that may affect your neighbours' comfort. 

Set a reasonable time to stop playing video games. Turn down all sound volumes by 10:00 pm. 

My neighbour is being noisy. How do I deal with this? 

Contact your on-site representative via phone or email while the noise is occurring during business hours. If it is after hours, ensure to document the date and time of the incident and see your on-site representatives during business hours to complete an incident report.

How do I lodge a formal complaint against another tenant I am having issues with? 

Contact your on-site representative via phone or email to submit this complaint. Your on-site representative may ask you to complete an incident report about the issues you are having. 


Do I need to book the elevator for moving in or out? 

Yes, you will need to contact your Resident Manager to book a time to have the elevator booked for your move. 

What if there is a problem with the elevator? 

In the unlikely event of an elevator failure, push the emergency button or use the emergency phone. Your Resident Manager will alert either the elevator operator or any required emergency services i.e. Fire department, police, etc. If there is a medical emergency, emergency services will be alerted. It is important that you remain calm so emergency workers can communicate with you effectively. 

If you have a cell phone, you may also call your Resident Manager for assistance using their regular contact information. 

Painting & Decorating

We want you to feel at home in your apartment, and we recognize that you may want to decorate it to reflect your own taste and personality. In order to ensure that you are able to personalize your apartment but still conform to Skyline Living’s standards, please follow the guidelines below:  

What you CAN do, without permission from the Property Manager: 

  • Move or change furniture, area rugs, accent pieces, etc. without damaging the walls or the floor  
  • Hang pictures and posters on the drywall using small nails and picture hanging hardware  

What you MAY be able to do, with permission from the Property Manager: 

  • Paint – you will need to have the colour and paint type approved and will be required to paint over it in the original colour prior to moving out.  
  • Replace your existing appliances with your own personal appliances; please advise your Resident Manager when the new appliances arrive so they can make arrangements to take out the existing appliances.  

What you can NOT do: 

  • Hang pictures or posters using nails/screws (anything that would cause holes/damage to the walls) 
  • Hooks with Command Adhesive or Duck Brand/Scotch removable Adhesive Putty are recommended 
  • Put holes in or damage door frames, window frames, closets, countertops, cabinets, floors or any other non-drywall surfaces; 
  • Install additional wall shelving 
  • Install curtains 
  • Use dark paint colours on the walls  
  • Replace or alter flooring, countertops, or cabinetry  
  • Do not move plumbing or electrical 
  • Remove/alter walls 

If you are planning to stay in your apartment for some time and are interested in doing upgrades and renovations at your own cost, you must get approval in writing and have it signed by your Property Manager. 

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Was your question not included in the FAQ?

No problem. Consider speaking directly to your Skyline Living on-site staff. They’re knowledgeable and friendly and should always be your first point of contact. If you would prefer write it down, then please use the Resident Feedback Form to reach our professional and well-informed team and find the answers to your most pressing questions.