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Renting an Apartment in London, Ontario

If you are searching for an apartment for rent in London, Ontario, you will discover that the city has a wide range of housing options to choose from.  From townhomes to three-storey walk-ups to high-rise buildings, the selection, quality, and price of housing varies greatly by geographic location. 

Central & Downtown Apartments for Rent

Anyone wishing to live in an area with high walkability to all amenities may choose to live in this area of the city.  Students attending Fanshawe's Centre for Digital and Performing Arts may also choose to rent an apartment in this area to be close to campus.

North East Apartments for Rent

North East London is bounded on the south by Dundas Street and east by Richmond Street.  Students looking for apartments for rent near Fanshawe College would benefit from centring their search on this area of the city.

North West Apartments for Rent

North West London is the area north of Dundas Street and west of Richmond Street.  This area is suited for students looking for apartments for rent near the Western University campus.  It also features more new build commercial and apartment properties.

South East Apartments for Rent

East of Wellington Road and south of Dundas Street  is an area of the city with a higher percentage of home-owners. Rental housing in this location is consequently limited and rents will be higher.

South West Apartments for Rent

The area west of Wellington Road and south of Dundas Street has a high number of rental communities and a large variety of apartments for rent to choose from.