7 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Pantyhose

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Don't you hate when you get a run in your pantyhose, or ruin one of a pair of knee-highs? Put them to use with these 7 hacks!

DISCLAIMER: Maybe it goes without saying, but we recommend you always use clean pantyhose. Wash used hose thoroughly and hang to dry before repurposing.

Pantyhose vacuume

Photo courtesy of Instructables.

  1. Lost an earring, button, or other small item? Put a piece of pantyhose over the end of your vacuum tube, and secure with an elastic. Now you can vacuum to find your item, and the pantyhose will keep it from being sucked in!
  2. Line your flowerpots before putting in soil. Water will be able to drain properly, but you won't lose soil when you water your plants.
  3. Make your own potpourri sachets for your clothes drawers. Even better, wet the sachet and toss in the dryer for a fresh scent. (Make sure your sachet is securely tied on both ends, so potpourri doesn't explode in the dryer.)
  4. Hang onions, garlic, or herbs for drying in pantyhose bags.
  5. Wear on your hand for dusting and polishing, especially delicate objects.
  6. Take old soaps that are too small too use, and bundle in the toe of pantyhose. Cut and securely tie, and it's like a new bar of soap!
  7. Substitute for stuffing in emergency repairs of beloved stuffed animals and pillows.

Now you know how to repurpose that old panythose, runs and snags won't seem nearly so bad.