Apartment Living is Green

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The Environmental Benefits of Apartment Living

In an increasingly environmentally-conscious world, consumers are often making choices that will decrease their carbon footprint. Some people are even choosing housing based on its environmental impact. According to research compiled by the Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO), choosing to rent is actually a "greener" choice than home ownership.

When compared to single-family homes, apartments:

  • use 65% less energy per household,
  • use 40% less water per capita, and
  • create 60% less waste.

Renters are also 32% less likely to use a car and 150% more likely to take transit, largely because the average renter is up to 10km closer to work and has greater access to public transportation.

While there is always room to improve, overall apartment living contributes less waste, uses less energy and valuable resources, and allows residents to make healthier choices.

Read the in-depth FRPO report "Apartment Living is Green" for more information on how you are contributing to a greener planet! You can also view Skyline's commitment to Environmental Stewardship and sustainability.

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