Benefits of On-Site Management

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Skyline Living prides itself in providing our residents with professional on-site management; giving them a full service experience and the peace of mind knowing they can reach their Resident Managers at any time. Here are three reasons why having an on-site manager can be an advantage:

      1) Skyline Living's professional on-site management live in the buildings that they can take care of. It is not just a job for them, it is their home as well. Having staff that live on-site means that the quality of customer service is higher because it is easier for the residents to contact their Resident Manager. 

      2) Having an on-site manager means that if you are a prospective resident who wishes to tour the building, they can provide you with a viewing usually sooner than someone who is off-site. This is because they have immediate access to all availability information as well as better contact and relations with the current residents. Also, on-site management will give both current and prospective residents the best insight on what the building is truly like to live at and what to expect. 

      3) Knowing that there is a manager on the site 24 hours a day creates a more personal connection between the staff and the residents. It's nice to put a face to the name and know who you are speaking and living with. On-site management provides that personal level of service that offers comfort, community and security for our residents!  

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