Employees Conquer Pink Army Mud Run

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The Pink Army Mud Run was recently conquered in Binbrook, Ontario by 15 motivated Skyline Living women from across the province who came together in support of women’s health and the fight against breast cancer.  To the team, it was more than just a race to the finish line; it was a journey that began months prior as a support group focused on leading a healthier lifestyle.

“We’ve all chosen a healthier mindset and since our workouts began, some of our team members have lost more than 35 pounds,” said De Vinson, Property Manager, Brantford.

The team has helped support each other through many obstacles, including race day, where they all wore their pink shirts dedicated to Skyline Living Vice President, BJ Santavy, who is currently crushing her cancer diagnosis. They powered through as a unit - with the motto "Nobody fights alone!" and we are so proud of their extraordinary efforts!