Let's Be Green Together!

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Some of Skyline’s Efforts:

We are all in this together-lets go GREEN!! Here at Skyline, we encourage ways that help the environment and that’s why we are always actively working to seek out the best means to do so. For instance, we are committed to environmental practices which helps drive innovation in the sustainability industry. An example of this would be our Portfolio Efficiency Plan (PEP), which was launched in 2006 and ever since then we meet often with Ontario governing bodies, LDC’s and regulators to discuss the implementation of new Green Technology.

What you can do and how Skyline can help:

Being Green isn’t as hard as one thinks, you just need the right information. The best way to start this transition is to knowledge yourself and become aware of the resources that you use in your everyday life. Here are a couple of simple ways to help YOU can get into a ‘Green Routine’ and benefit both yourself and the environment:

Make the Switch!

  • By switching to reusable water bottles, not only are you saving money you also help reduce waist! Also, feel free to use that tap water-it’s drinkable!
  • Switching off the lights when you are done in the room can also make a difference!
  • Turning off the tap can conserve some major water! While we’re on the topic of taps, maybe it’s time to repair that leaky faucet! Our on-site management can help out-just send them a request!

Go With the Flow!

  • Installed at our buildings are low-flow showerheads. This helps manage and concentrate the pressure and amount of water that is being used. Less water=Less waist!
  • Take shorter showers. We understand that at times a nice long shower is necessary but even being simply aware of how long your daily showers are can make a difference. Try and do your part by taking shorter showers when possible!

Other GREEN Options: wait to do full loads of laundry-not half, use a clothesline when possible, turn off your computer overnight, always recycle, carpool, support green businesses, read online news instead (cancel your subscription-save money & the environment), buy a new houseplant, take the stairs, buy used books or e-books…