New Year's Resolutions

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As we close out 2016, many of us are making New Year's Resolutions - a list of things we want to accomplish in 2017. Statistics show, though, that these resolutions may not be the most lasting promises we make.

Sometimes the goals we make are so huge (e.g. lose 50 pounds) or immeasureable (e.g. spend less time at work) we don't even know where to start. Remember, you want to keep your goals SMART:

  • Specific,
  • Measurable,
  • Attainable,
  • Realistic, and
  • Time-bound.

For example, if in 2017 you want to lose 50 pounds, some SMART goals might be to pack your lunch every day in January instead of getting fast food, or to drink 4 glasses of water a day, or to hit the gym twice a week. If you want to spend less time at work, your first SMART goal might be leaving every day by 6:00, or to stop forwarding your work emails to your personal phone.

Each small goal you make will work towards the larger goal, but you won't be overwhelmed. Small goals help you feel accomplished faster and more often, so it's less frustrating. Losing 5 pounds seems like nothing when the goal is 50, but if your goal was 5 you'll feel fantastic and want to keep it up! Once you've achieved these goals and they've become routine, you can add more to them.

Ask for help with your SMART goals, and use technology to your advantage. Get a co-worker to remind you when they leave the office that you are supposed to leave by 6. Have your fitness app text you every time you should be refilling your water. Getting people on board with your goals can make a big difference, and may even help those people with their own goals as well!