Supporting those affected by East Coast Wildfires

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The last month has been difficult for many East Coast families – including our own tenants and employees who have been impacted by the devastating wildfires. Three of our buildings were ordered to evacuate and others were on heightened alert until the wildfires were under control. Thank you to all our staff and tenants for working together to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. 

We also opened the doors to our new development property, Brookside Terrace Apartments in West Bedford, Nova Scotia, to house 5 displaced families. These families sadly lost their homes and personal possessions, and for some, the estimated rebuild is over a year away. We are proud to be able to assist them with housing and provide a little bit of relief for their families during this difficult time.

To help as many Canadians impacted as possible, Skyline Group of Companies contributed $10,000 to the Canadian Red Cross for its Nova Scotia and Atlantic Fires Appeal. Funds raised are used to assist with immediate and ongoing relief, recovery, and resilience efforts.