Why living off-campus is a great option for students

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Why living off-campus is a great option for students

September is fast approaching, bringing with it a new year of university or college. If you are going to be studying away from home then you are definitely going to be dealing with the stress of finding a place to rent. Living off campus can be a great life experience that provides not only close proximity to the campus but also some unique social opportunities.

Here is why you should consider looking for an off-campus student rental:

  1. Generally speaking, cheaper rent is one of the perks of living off campus- especially if you know people that could be interested in sharing an apartment with you.
  2. Whether you know your roommates or not, living with other people around your age is not only fun but also a great learning experience. You never know what kind of cool people you can meet!
  3. It’s a perfect way to pick up useful skills, for example cooking for yourself and/or others is a great skill and can be lots of fun.
  4. Sharing expenses for utilities is a great way to lower costs.
  5. You will have a better concept of grocery expenses; meal plan costs often exceed what a normal student would spend on food.
  6. Off-campus houses or apartments provide more living space, at times parking spots and usually green space and other social areas are available.
  7. You will experience a higher degree of freedom as you will not be bound by campus residence policies that tends to be quite rigid.

If you are looking to rent for the upcoming semester, we can help your search. Take a look at our Skyline Living available off-campus student housing options below: 

47 & 67 Village Dr. in Kingston near St. Lawrence College


1223 Richmond St. in London near Fanshawe College


1420 & 1203 Huron St. in London near Fanshawe College

http://www.skylineliving.ca/residential-details-page/details/1420-huron-st-london-on/ OR http://www.skylineliving.ca/residential-details-page/details/1203-huron-st-london-on/

225 & 233 Capel St. in Sarnia near Lambton College


849 & 835 Devine St. in Sarnia near Lambton College

 http://www.skylineliving.ca/residential-details-page/details/849-devine-st-sarnia-on/ OR http://www.skylineliving.ca/residential-details-page/details/835-devine-st-sarnia-on/

737 Ouellette Ave. in Windsor near University of Windsor