Why You Should Get to Know Your Neighbours

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It’s very easy to get into a routine where you go home to your apartment building, head to your apartment, and keep to yourself. Maybe you smile and nod in the elevator, or hold the occasional door, but you probably don’t interact much more than that.

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To get the most out of your apartment experience though, you really should get to know your neighbours! Why?

  1. Neighbours keep you safe

    Neighbours who know each other can keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour, or help in an emergency. If your neighbours know what you look like, or that you live alone, or that you usually work until 3 a.m. on Saturdays, they will be more likely to spot and report suspicious behaviour. There’s safety in numbers.

  2. Sometimes you run out of things

    Borrowing something from a neighbour shouldn’t be your first interaction with them, but once you’ve established a relationship neighbours can save the day. Whether it’s a cup of sugar for exam-session cookies, an emergency cell phone charge, or a third clean plate when your parents come for dinner, neighbours who know each other are a great resource in a pinch. Just make sure to be a good neighbour by returning the favour – and whatever you borrowed!

  3. You can’t always be home

    If you are having a package delivered, get locked out and need the spare key, or need plants watered and mail picked up while on vacation, friendly neighbours can help! Again, before you ask for help make sure you’re willing to return the favour!

  4. Best friends come from somewhere

    No, we’re not saying you need to be best friends with all your neighbours. Usually just knowing their names and giving a quick hello in the mornings is enough. You may find, though, that you have the same interests, are in the same program, play the same sports, or have the same taste in music. Interacting with your neighbours could mean building life-long friendships.

Not sure how to get to know your neighbours? Make sure to check out any resident events or activities in your community. Say hello in the parking lot. Stop for a chat at the mailboxes. Spend time in common areas. Once you know your neighbours, you won’t just have an apartment, you’ll have an entire community.