Apartment Hunting? How To Choose Your New Home

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Your quest for the perfect apartment starts right here, right now!  

When embarking on this grand adventure, the possibilities can seem endless—and slightly overwhelming.  How many bedrooms are too many? Balcony or patio? Nature setting or urban setting? 

In this month’s Living Well Blog, we’ll answer all your big questions and find you a home that checks all your boxes! 

How Many Bedrooms Do You Really Need? 

That’s the million-dollar question, and there is no right or wrong answer! It all depends on your current situation and the lifestyle you want to lead. Let’s look at our options: 

  • Bachelor: Efficient, cost-effective, and stylish, bachelor apartments are a favourite among young professionals and students. A more compact space means less time spent on daily maintenance!

  • 1 Bedroom: Perfect for those who crave a separate sleeping area or a bit of privacy, the one-bedroom apartment offers a dedicated room for sleep. Aimed at couples or singles who love to host, this layout provides a defined space for every activity.

  • 2 Bedroom: Need an office? Guest room? Space for a roommate or growing family? With a two-bedroom apartment, you're not just getting more space; you're getting flexibility. It's aimed at small families, dynamic duos, or even business-savvy individuals who work from home.

  • 3+ Bedrooms: Now, we're venturing into spacious territory! Three or more bedrooms mean more room for larger families, more opportunities for hosting, or even the possibility of transforming any room into whatever suits your style.

Did you know that some of our Skyline Living properties like Twamley Manor in Listowel, ON, Pelham Junction in Welland, ON, and Monarch Apartments in Colwood, BC, feature an optional multi-purpose den? It’s an excellent choice for those who need a bit more space without fully committing to a two or three-bedroom apartment. 

Balcony or Patio: The Great Outdoor Dilemma 

To bask in the sun or to lounge under the stars? This is the question that's puzzled apartment hunters. Both are excellent options, but if you need help deciding, here are the perks for each feature: 

  • Balcony: Elevated and often with a view, a balcony is your ticket to a bird’s-eye perspective. It's ideal for city dwellers, view lovers, and those who fancy a bit of height.  

  • Patio: Grounded and generally more spacious, patios cater to those who want a garden touch or room for an outdoor lounge. Perfect for outdoor activities, star gazing, or hosting a small gathering. No elevators necessary! 

Location, Location, Location? 

This endless mantra may sound like an echo in a cave, but it still holds true. But what makes the perfect location? That's where personal preference takes centre stage. 

  • Urban Location: If you crave the city life and the convenience of nearby shops, bars, public transport, and cultural landmarks, an urban location might be your scene. It's for the social butterflies and culture enthusiasts, and it comes with the city's best just around the corner! 

  • Nature Location: On the flipside, if you find solace in the rustling leaves, chirping of birds, or the gentle ocean breeze, a nature-centred location might be your calling. These apartments often offer tranquility and scenic beauty that can't be found in the city's concrete jungle. 

Ready to hunt for your new home? Visit Skyline Living's official website and choose between hundreds of incredible apartment rentals across Canada, ranging from bachelor to three bedrooms and featuring everything in between. 

Happy hunting!