‘Me’ Time Is the Best Time: Self-Care Activities You Can Do at Home

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Picture your day for a moment: working rigorously to meet those deadlines, running across the kitchen to make dinner for yourself or your family, doing a few favours for your friends or loved ones...the list goes on. 

Now, ask yourself: when was the last time I took a day off to take care of myself?  

Our daily lives may sometimes be heavily consumed by endless chores and responsibilities at the expense of neglecting our mind and body, which eventually leads to burnout. As a wise man once said:  

“You can’t fill a cup that is already full.” 

Therefore, today’s focus will be on only one thing: you. You may book the day off, push a few chores to a later date, and try out these relaxing self-care activities at home to rejuvenate your mind and body once more. 


Woman meditating while sitting on a sofa at homeKickstart your self-care routine by practicing mindful meditation in a quiet space, whether that be your living room, bedroom, or balcony if the weather allows it. The most vital aspect is focusing on your breathing. Close your eyes and think of all your negative thoughts and emotions while you take a deep breath in through your nose for at least three seconds.  

Once you’re ready, release all the negative energy as you breathe out through your mouth for at least another four seconds. Repeat this exercise as many times as you’d like until you feel calm and ready to face the day. New to meditation? The New York Times published this informative article that features everything you need to know, including four free guided meditation samples. 

Mindful meditation has a vast array of positive impacts on your physical and mental well-being, such as improving sleep quality, focusing on the present, and many more such benefits. This Healthline article provides you with 12 more science-based benefits for your mind and body. 

Turn Off Your Electronic Devices 

Woman turning off her smart phone at home

How many times do you catch yourself looking at your smartphone? How about spending hours on your TV or laptop? Don’t sweat it, almost all of us are deeply dependent on technology in this digital age. 

Here’s a challenge for you: Spend the entire day away from your electronic devices. It might seem challenging at first, but there are plenty of healthier alternatives for entertaining and improving your lifestyle. Grab that book you’ve never had time to read, reflect on your thoughts in a new journal entry, try out a new recipe, or start planning this year’s bucket list. 

Unplugging from electronic devices even for just a day — can truly help you appreciate the simple pleasures in life, which will allow you to be present and more self-aware. 

Explore On-Site Amenities Where You Live 

The Club House amenity space at Twamley Manor Apartments in Listowel, ON Depending on where you live, some apartment buildings host a variety of on-site amenities designated for tenants’ leisure and lifestyle. Many of our Skyline Living properties feature on-site amenity spaces, such as The Club House at Twamley Manor Apartments. These dedicated spaces can include features like an on-site gym and yoga studio, billiards room, and outdoor patios. 

If you feel like leaving your home for a bit, check out what amenities your building offers and take advantage of them for the day! 

How do you plan on taking care of yourself? Let us know by sharing your experiences on our social media. Tag your post with #SkylineLivingCares and let us know how you spent your self-care day.

Happy resting!