Please be aware of the increase in rental scams across the country, including fake listings and deposit fraud, among others. If you have any questions related to a rental offer, deposit requirements, or payment plans, please contact your Skyline Living representative directly or our Customer Service department at 1-844-910-1522.

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5 Rental Scam Red Flags - Decoding Property Listings

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Get ready to learn how to recognize when a property listing is a scam, why we’re seeing so many fraudulent listings right now, and who can fall victim. 

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A Summer to Remember: 3 Unique Activities to Try Out This Season

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Looking to try something new this summer? No, we’re not talking about the usual beach or picnic trip that everyone does! These suggestions provide you with three unique activities to make your summer a memorable one. 

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Spring into Action: A Manageable Spring Cleaning Guide

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Spring is finally here, and so are the dust bunnies below your furniture. Time for spring cleaning! Read on for some useful tips on time management, preparation, and entertainment for this year’s spring cleaning.

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Furry, scaly, prickly, or feathery, show us your Skyline Living animals and WIN! 

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We’re hosting an online contest just for Skyline Living tenants for a chance to win a $100 e-gift card and have their pet’s photo featured online!

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Sustainability Suggestions: How to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle When Renting an Apartment

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With just one planet to live on, let’s talk about how we can all keep it healthy and clean! Read on for several useful and simple tips on how to be more environmentally friendly when living in an apartment building.

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Balcony Bliss: Get Gardening this Spring

March 2022 Blog Header

Want to learn more about container gardening? This month’s blog introduces you to your newest favourite hobby that will spruce up your balcony this summer. We’ve also provided some extra helpful tips and resources throughout.

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Apartment Hunting 101: How Do you Tour an Apartment During a Pandemic?

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A guide to viewing virtual tours available on the Skyline Living property websites. Virtual tours can be featured as video taken of a walk-through of an available apartment or they can allow the apartment hunter to direct the tour themselves.

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8 Amazing Winter Activities for Some Chilly Outdoor (or Cozy Indoor) Fun!


We thought of eight amazing activities that will help you get through the cold and frigid winter months with a smile on your face. Whether you prefer spending winter outdoors or indoors, these are some great ideas for a fun and memorable winter season.

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Protect Yourself this Shopping Season – Your Friendly Scam and Fraud Awareness Reminder

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Your friendly reminder filled with tips and resources on what to be aware of with common scams this shopping season. Skyline Living is guiding you to reliable sources that help you protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud.

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Get to Know Your Neighbours: 5 Conversation Starters 

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Learn new ways to start conversations with your neighbours and maybe make some new friends.

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