Apartment Hunting 101: How Do you Tour an Apartment During a Pandemic?

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Virtual tours are the game-changing solution! 

It can be tricky trying to envision your furniture or family in an apartment when you’re just looking at a picture. Not to mention trying to piece together the layout of the apartment from a few images. Skyline Living incorporates photos, floor plans, written descriptions, neighbourhood information, and so much more to provide a complete picture of our rental apartments.

But sometimes you just need to see it in person. So how do you do that during a pandemic or if you’re apartment hunting from another province?

Luckily, there’s a new tool available that provides that “in-person visit feeling" from a distance.

Enter the Virtual Tour!

What is a Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours come in many varieties and have proven themselves to be so much more than a fad. Virtual tours are also sometimes called 360° tours. Some virtual tours are a video taken of a walk-through of an available apartment, but the best virtual tours allow you, the apartment hunter, to direct the tour yourself.

The picture below shows a virtual tour of the model suite at our spectacular Vanier Woods property in Red Deer, AB.

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Image showing a Virtual Tour 

Who Should Use a Virtual Tour? 


While they can’t completely take the place of an in-person viewing of an apartment, virtual tours are one of the most popular new advancements in the housing industry. 

Feeling indecisive? That’s okay. Our virtual tours allow you to go back again and again... and again, without having to set up an appointment. It’s like a 24/7 open house that you can visit from the luxury of your home or office. 

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Using the virtual tour saves you time too. No commuting across town or trying to schedule multiple appointments into your already busy workday or taking time off work. The virtual tour is ready and waiting for you, night and day. For those helping parents and family members with their apartment search, a virtual tour also allows you to scout out apartments and share them online. 

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Folks who are at risk for community exposure during a pandemic or otherwise unable to be as mobile as apartment shopping can sometimes demand, will appreciate the ability to get a first person look at the units, while also being able to linger in a space and see it all top to bottom.

Whether you’re apartment searching during a pandemic and trying to maintain safe social distancing, considering a long-distance move, or looking to rent in a foreign country, you’ll find that virtual tours of prospective apartments are a serious game-changer.


Brought to you by Sara Penny, Social Media and Communications Manager at Skyline Living. Looking for an apartment to rent? Simply go to www.skylineliving.ca/ and type your city in the search bar to see all the possibilities!