BJ Santavy, VP, Skyline Living, Wins Inaugural Canadian Women in Real Estate Award

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Guelph, Ontario – We are excited to announce that BJ Santavy, Vice President of Skyline Living, has been honoured with Connect Canada CRE’s inaugural Canadian Women in Real Estate (CWIRE) Award for Canada. This accolade recognizes her visionary leadership and transformative impact in the real estate sector.

Since joining Skyline Living in 2009, BJ's innovative leadership has significantly advanced the company, and her strategic approach has been integral to Skyline Living’s continued growth. Her philosophy has always focused on fostering positive landlord-tenant relationships and emphasizing compassion to the 35,000+ people who have made a Skyline Living community their home.

Under BJ’s leadership, Skyline Living has launched many important initiatives, including the R.I.S.E. Tenant Assistance program in 2020, providing financial aid and community resources to tenants in hardship. This program has positively impacted over 800 Skyline Living tenants to date, demonstrating Skyline Living's dedication to keeping its residents securely housed for the long term.

Additionally, the Refugee Assistance Program (RAP), initiated in Spring 2022, exemplifies BJ's commitment to social responsibility. This initiative has provided housing and financial support to 238 refugee families, including those from Ukraine, significantly aiding in their resettlement. Both the R.I.S.E and RAP program are examples of opportunities BJ took to not only help Skyline Living tenants, but also help build a positive reputation for Canadian rental housing providers.

BJ's leadership style is marked by her keen ability to connect with and inspire her team, fostering a culture of loyalty and teamwork. Her contributions to the industry extend far beyond Skyline Living, as she actively participates in discussions advocating for tenant rights and shares her insights at various industry forums. Her understanding that the business is first and foremost about people has helped to shape her forward-looking strategy, and it is because of her combination of wisdom, skill, and virtue that the company continues to grow and thrive.

“On behalf of Skyline, I congratulate BJ for being one of the first women in the Canadian rental housing industry to receive a CWIRE award,” said Matthew Organ, President, Skyline Apartment REIT. “In her 14 years at Skyline, BJ has brought immense value not only to our company, but also to Canadian rental housing as a whole. With exceptional strategic vision, she has led pioneering initiatives that recognize and uphold the people-focused nature of our industry. BJ’s recognition is undoubtedly deserved and I commend her for this achievement.”

BJ’s CWIRE Award win is a testament to her remarkable career in the real estate industry, highlighting her business acumen and her profound impact on improving tenants' lives. Join us in congratulating BJ and all other inaugural CWIRE award winners for their accomplishment.